Isabella Benshimol Toro

Benshimol’s practice arises for the process of navigation into interiority. Through sculptures, installations and videos she explores places beyond the limits of language, seduced by the uncontrollability and pure materiality of the process. By exploring her intimate relation with viscerality through personal experiences, she perceives the body as a site, a faraway land or an exotic place and questions its limits and constraints, as a way to cope with the dichotomy inside-outside.
Absorbed by the awkwardness of its moments of obstruction and restraint, and the autonomic affects and effects they erupt, she considerates and re-thinks the permeability and porosity of the materiality that we are made of. A fruitful land where uncontrolled and unconscious reactions become a reflection of the possibility of an in-betweenness, where tangibility and affectivity melt together into the dampness of an animate alliance.

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+34 626 803 554


Web design & Code

Jaime del Corro


MFA Fine Art, 2018-20

Goldsmiths College, UL, London

BA Visual Arts (Cum Laude), 2012-16

Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Milan

Duo Exhibitions

I Know You Are Collecting a Lot of Light, 2020

with Ugo Martinez Lazaro

Estudio Beneficencia, Madrid

Exotic Embassy, 2017

with Mati Jhurry

Spazio /77, Milan

Exotic Awards, 2016

with Mati Jhurry

Studi Festival 2, Spazio /77, Milan


Un gesto que permanece, 2020. 
Curated by Vera Martin. Salón, Madrid

Heterotopia, 2020
Oen gallery, Kabelvåg, Norway

Pou sou nefko peu paeis, 2020
Korai project sapace. Nicosia, Cyprus

The one that’s always there, the one that came late, the one that never arrived, the one that wasn’t invited, 2019

SB34-The Pool, Brussels, Belgium


Curated by Casa Antillón
Casabanchel, Madrid, Spain

Interim show MFA FA Goldsmiths,


Deptford studios, London, UK

Ni sí, ni no; ni blanco, ni negro, 2019
Curated by Archipiélago
Madrid, Spain

Long Live The New Flesh, 2019
The Biscuit Factory, London, UK

Baldea, 2019
Curated by Esther Merinero & Vera Martín
Calle Islas Británicas 5, Madrid, Spain

Casa Antillón, 2019
Curated by Casa Antillón
Madrid, Spain.

Archipiélago, 2018

Former British Embassy, Madrid, Spain

Mediterranea 17 Biennale - Exotic Embassy, 2017 (with Mati Jhurry)

Tirana, Albania

Como era gostoso o meu frances, 2016

Curated by Marlon de Azambuja & Maya Saravia

Espacio OTR, Madrid

Atelier Solar, 2016

Espacio Trapézio, Madrid

Avviso di Garanzia, Fuori Uso, 2016

Curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio

Pescara, Italy

Window Project, 2016

Spazio 22 Milan, Italy

Theatre of Learning, 2015

Reinterpretation of Waltz by Joan Jonas in collaboration with Mati Jhurry
Curated by Marco Scotini

NABA, Milan, Italy


SVA, Sculpture summer residency, 2017
New York, USA.

HANGAR Centro de Investigacão Artística, 2017

Affect at Agora, 2016
Conglomerate, Berlin.

Spazio /77, 2016
Milan, Italy.

Showcase Villaggio d’Artista, 2015

Villa Giulia, Verbania, Italy


Un gesto que permanece. 18.07.20, Salón, Madrid